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I am excited to train groundskeepers on transitioning to organic methods, and to inspire more students to join our movement because I know firsthand that students can make change happen
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Their campaign has since grown into Herbicide-Free Campus, a platform that provides resources to anyone interested in helping to advocate for chemical-free, mechanical practices for weed management on campus
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Superintendent Christina Kishimoto, after hearing that Roundup was being used on some campuses, sent a memo Tuesday to all principals stressing that herb­icides are banned at Hawaii public schools. She also called for the immediate removal of any herbicides stored at schools
Roundup at Recess? Maybe we all can accomplish a ban in our neighborhood schools, parks and playgrounds
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Silent Spring in Benicia? City and School Officials Respond, Activists Call for Herbicide Ban
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Beyond Pesticides Urges Maui County to Eliminate Glyphosate
University of California Suspends Use of Weed Killer, Glyphosate, as Bans Mount Across the U.S.
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Following a campaign by Herbicide-Free Campus, President Janet Napolitano halts use of glyphosate on all ten of its campuses
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UC system suspends glyphosate herbicide use in light of student campaign
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UC System Halts Use of Glyphosate Herbicide
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Monsanto probably didn’t see trouble brewing on a campus beach volleyball court
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How many hazardous chemicals are required to maintain one of the most beautiful campuses in USA? Two student athletes pursued the issue
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UC System issues temporary glyphosate suspension, thanks to a former volleyball player
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UC President and Regents Temporarily Halt Use of Toxic Herbicide Glyphosate
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Duo Wins Environmental Honor: Gustafson, Feldman Recognized For Eliminating Herbicides Across Campus
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Herbicide Free UC Receives Grant from Stonyfield Organics
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Initiative to make UC Davis herbicide-free gains momentum
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Mackenzie Feldman’s campaign is among the inspirations sure to give you the motivation you need to own your next year’s environmental goals and aspirations
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Cancer Case Plaintiff Continues Crusade Against Monsanto
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Herbicide-Free Campus among next gen of Activists
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It was standing room only at an Herbicide Free UC panel with Dewayne “Lee” Johnson, the Bay Area school groundskeeper who took on Monsanto and won.
Why are we using toxic chemicals when there are solutions at our fingertips that carry no risk at all?
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She is truly remarkable. I don’t think I have seen an undergrad in my experience who will wind up having as lasting an impact on the campus as Mackenzie.
Banning UC Berkeley’s use of herbicides from courts to campus is a must