Lee Johnson in Hawaii


For two weeks, Lee Johnson was meeting with community members and policymakers across the islands of Hawaii to share his experience getting cancer from the glyphosate he was spraying as a groundkeeper in the Bay Area. He spoke with the Hawaii Island County Council and Agency heads, as well as a group of county legislators and department representatives on Maui. Finally, he spoke at a Board of Education meeting that included BOE Chairwoman Catherine Payne and Superintendent Christina Kishimoto.


Nearly 60 people attended including parents, teachers and activists. The meeting led Superintendent Kishimoto, after hearing that Roundup was being used on some campuses, to send a memo the next day to all principals stressing that herb­icides are banned at Hawaii public schoolsShe also called for the immediate removal of any herbicides stored at schools. This was a huge win for our Herbicide Free campaign!

Anna Schuliger